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Internet Tree is an Internet utility program for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0. It automatically tracks and saves all Internet activity (such as the web sites you have visited and the locations of files you have downloaded).

You view this information in an explorer type tree, organized by Internet location and the type of activity (such as http, ftp, news, etc.). It uses very little memory or resources when tracking activity. You will not notice that it is running until you need it.

NOTE: Internet Tree is not compatible with Windows 2000 or XP.

Where have you been today?

With Internet Tree, the places you visit are saved and can be selectively viewed by a date range. When a time period is selected, only those sites visited between two dates will be shown. For instance, you can view all activity, activity just today, just yesterday, just this week, just between other pre-defined periods or just between any two dates you choose.

The most complete Internet Monitor

The Internet is a valuable resource for a family or school, but, like the real world, certain parts of it are not appropriate in your home or classroom. Instead of censoring Internet exploration with complicated, ineffective blocking software, Internet Tree lets you monitor it. Children know what they can and cannot bring in the home, and with Internet Tree running, you can expect the same discretion with the Internet. With password protection, only you can view, edit or clear the tree. If you choose, you can also completely hide the program. The program cannot be removed or disabled without you knowing about it.

Tracks Downloads

Files that you download, such as exe, zip, doc and pdf files, are put in a separate Downloads folder. This folder gives you a quick reference, to re-download a file, or to just recollect where on the web a file is located.

Monitors Cookies

Some sites put cookies (items of information, possibly personal) on your computer, and your browser sends these cookies back to the original site or to another site. Internet Tree monitors and saves all cookie transfers for each individual site you visit.

Supports PICS ratings

PICS is a content self-rating system. Internet Tree indicates in the tree rated sites and sites that have exceeded the ratings threshold that you set. Click on Properties for any site and you can view the rating categories and levels for any rated site. The most popular rating services are included in the program and new ones can be easily added.


  • Easy-to-use Windows 95/98 style, user interface
  • Works in the background, automatically saving activity as users access the Internet
  • Easy access to the program via a taskbar icon
  • A unique calendar bar for easy date range selecting
  • A Favorites feature lets you specify (while viewing or later on) a site as a Favorite. Favorite sites can be viewed separately for easier access
  • Search capability lets you search for sites you have visited by text in the title and URL
  • Property pages for every site showing values for items such as first and most recent visited date, times visited, domain name, ratings, and cookies
  • Revisit a site with a single click
  • Password protected. If a password is chosen, only someone with the password will be able to view the information that Internet Tree collects.
  • A "Who Is" feature will look up a site's domain information showing (in your browser) the site's owner, address and contact information
  • A List view lets you view and sort the sites you have visited by title, URL, times visited, date last visited and by other properties.
  • Print the tree or list to your printer
  • Extensive Help
  • Works with all 32 bit browsers and Internet access programs.
  • Checks web pages for changes since last visit
  • Import bookmarks from popular browsers and from web pages.
  • Export URLs to popular browsers, web pages, and databases.
  • Complete uninstall

The downloadable self-extracting setup program has full installation and uninstallation capabilities.

For information on all the new features in version 2.0, click here.
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